The Highland-wide Plan – is it the A96 Corridor Framework reinvented?

The Council received over 300 responses to their consultations about the new region-wide draft development plan.  Developers and landowners argued (what a surprise!) for even more generous allocations of land for building, to cope with the predicted massive increase in the Highlands’ population.  Many local residents in the so-called A96 Corridor between Nairn and Inverness raised doubts about the Council’s forecasts for unprecedentedly high population growth.  Joan Noble and others challenged the Council’s inaccurate calculations of housing demand.  But at the hearings by Scottish Government Reporters reviewing the draft plan it became clear that Highland Council was resolutely determined to pursue their policy of promoting extensive building and development eastward from Inverness, and around Nairn.

So the new plans for Nairn still provide for three large new developments – Sandown, Delnies,  and Nairn South – raising the prospect of a doubling in the town’s size and population within the next two or three decades.  Where will these people all come from?  Where will they find jobs?  How will they manage to get to or around the town if there is no bypass?  Answers on a postcard, please, to the Highland Council’s Director of Planning.  Or put your comments below.

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