Join NICE – shape Nairn’s future

All residents of the Nairn area over the age of 12 who support the aims of NICE, can become members of NICE.  No payment is required.  The only possible commitment is to pay £1.00 if the company becomes insolvent.

I apply to be a member of Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise and support the objectives and activities of the company. 

An Ordinary member must be over 16 and ordinarily resident in the local community which NICE covers, as defined in the NICE articles of association. This includes all IV12 postcodes and some rural postcodes in IV2 5 and IV2 7. Ordinary members can vote in general meetings and are eligible to be appointed as a Director of NICE

An Associate member does not have to be ordinarily resident in the NICE community. They  cannot vote in general meetings, but can be co-opted as a Director of NICE. 

Junior members- aged 12-15 cannot vote or be appointed as a Director until they reach the age of 16.

Please indicate the type of membership you are applying for    

Ordinary         Associate           Junior

I confirm that I am usually resident at the address given below, and that, if over 16, I am on the electoral roll for the polling district which includes the address given.

NICE Membership Application