Community Amenities

including Health, Education, Leisure, and Recreation

We would love to know your vision for the future of Nairn’s Community Amenities. How would your Health Centre and dental services best support a growing and maturing population? What should our education structure be to best attract and retain working families across Nairnshire? How do we maximise and protect our leisure facilities for the future, from the swimming pool to the library and maybe spaces or places we don’t have but might benefit from? How can our recreational facilities encourage positive community engagement across all ages – is this a pump track, or flood lights across the skate park, an improved walking route around the riverside with access for all?

We would love to know what you think, and how you would link our Community Amenities through the other key themes grown from the Initial Community Survey:

Getting Around

Active Travel, safe and accessible paths and pavements, convenient buses, parking, and sorting out our traffic issue!

Local Jobs and Business Growth

creating local employment, and the space to grow business in Nairnshire

Our Natural Environment

protecting our green spaces, across the beach, river, and our abundant landscape

Town Centre

Your town centre, including Heritage Conservation and Tourist Welcome

Underpinning these key themes, and having influence across all of our themes, clear considerations include:

  • Nairn for all ages how do we retain our school leavers and young families, whilst being attractive to young working families as well as looking after our steadily rising over 60s?
  • Nairn led development looking after our Common Good assets; community ownership; and local decision making
  • Green/ Resilient Nairn ensuring that Nairn is ready for and adapting to our changing climate, whilst leading in low carbon development, clean employment, and renewable energies
  • Infrastructure first: what do we need in terms of By-Pass, sewerage, utilities, and flood defences to support a growing town

One thought on “Community Amenities

  1. Built it and they will come…look at Dubai not that we want Nairn to be that size. We are not a country run by benevolent dictator nor are we an empire any more with deep pockets. The private and charity sectors are needed. Port of Ardersier appears to be slowly manifesting with claims of thousands of jobs but takes time. They will no doubt like wind farms have a fund for the benefit of local charities and groups – the Italianate building and old police station redevelopment spring to mind. A free port may bring other business wishing to benefit from such tax status. Car manufacturing? Textiles? Fish farming? Aluminium smelter….I was in Cromarty for a lecture by Aberdeen University regarding the Moray Forth Dolphins. Far from diminishing the population industrial activity actually contributed to the growth of the dolphin population. It would seem they are drawn to the noise and not frighten by it. Clearly not an introverted specials!

    I feel stifling housing development plans is preventing growth and local apprenticeships for young people not to mention local employment and more money to spend locally. If we can retain local people they could be employed by The Port and we wouldn’t see the massive influx of employees as in MacDermotts days. Albeit a healthy mix of people of all nationalities brings ideas and uniqueness. A golf academy would surely bring training opportunities again not to mention money to the area. I lived in Holland they dredged in order to build so I don’t agree when discussions around drainage and flooding used to halt building new homes of which there would be a proportion of affordable housing?

    As for infrastructure such as sewerage and bypasses why would there be investment without further growth in Nairn. Negative rhetoric has been drummed up about how busy Nairn is and I don’t see this as a local resident. Yes at certain times it can be busy but I wonder if people jumping red lights is adding to the log jam! I’m in favour of 20mph it’s polite progress and safer for pedestrians.

    We are at the cusp of another boom in the Free Port area the likes of McDermott’s and bigger let’s not miss out for Nairn?

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