Local Place Plan

NICE is delighted to announce that- IT IS HAPPENING AT LAST !

All systems are go for the first ‘community led’  Local Place Plan to be developed for the Nairn and Nairnshire area in 2023.

Keep an eye on this page www.nicenairn.org.uk/lpp where we will be keeping you updated on events and activities you can be part of as we move forward to engage local people in creating this Local Place Plan

A Local Place Plan gives the people who live here and use local services, the power to decide what the future priorities should be for development and use of land and buildings in their local area.

Nairn Local Place Plan Community Survey is now LIVE online ( deadline extended till 22 September)

Please fill out our first community survey here It should only take 5-10 minutes

September 1st 2023 Update

With 214 survey responses already received we have decided to keep it open till 22nd September. Look out for a copy coming through your door before then if you live in IV12 postcode. The whole family can complete a response each if you each use the QR code or the link above to fill it in online. You can also print extra paper copies for those who don’t do digital, to fill in (see below) or pick them up at Nairn Library or Community and Arts Centre and return them to the postboxes there or at Cawdor and Tradespark Post Office counters

This initial survey is just the first step in a year long Local Place Planning process

We hope that everyone who lives and works in Nairn and Nairnshire will get involved and have your say.

Let us know on LPP@nicenairn.org.uk if you would like print copies of the community survey to share with your family, neighbours, community or group.

A pdf version of the survey is downloadable for printing at home, below.

You can return completed ones to Nairn Library or Community and Arts Centre who have ‘post boxes’ at the counter. There are also return postboxes at Tradespark Shop/Post Office and Cawdor Shop/Post Office

NICE, Nairn‘s Community Development Trust (with more than 600 local members across Nairnshire) is taking the lead on this community led process with two local Community Councils (Nairn River and Nairn West and Suburban) and Nairn BID business member organisation already on board.

This ‘steering group’ will be reaching out to everyone who lives and works in the local area to have a say in what goes into Nairnshire’s first ever community led Local Place Plan.

Look out for community engagement stands at the Nairn Show on 29th July and Nairn Games 19th August to start this important community led conversation to inform the future of Nairn and its surrounding area as a ‘county town’ .

Email LPP@nicenairn.org.uk if you’d like to help us with this or just share your thoughts on what Nairn needs. If you aren’t yet a NICE member and live in Nairnshire you can join for free via the Join NICE link on our Home page

Please fill out our first community survey here


You can also download a copy of this survey below to print off and share with others.

Return your completed paper surveys to the Nairn Local Place Plan Post Boxes at the following places ( Just ask at the counter . You can also pick up extra copies there)

Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Nairn Library

Tradespark Shop/Post Office

Cawdor Shop/Post Office


Local Place Plans ( LPPs) are part of  the Scottish Government’s  new ‘National Planning Framework’ (known as NPF4) which replaced previous planning guidelines in February 2023 after many years of preparation.

This promises to ‘improve people’s lives by making sustainable, liveable and productive places’ and represents a significant shift away from top down, ‘developer led’ planning of how land and buildings are used, towards more ‘community driven’ plans.  


A Local Development Plan is produced by the local authority planning team, after consultation with the public, and sets out how places will change in the future for the next 10-20 years.

A Local Place Plan is led, created and owned by the people who live in the area, but once adopted will be recognised by the local authority(Highland Council in Nairn’s case) as a key document to be reflected in the next Highland wide Local Development Plan

The last time a separate ‘Nairnshire Plan’ was published by Highland Council was in 2001.. Since then Nairn, the second largest community in Highland after Inverness, has become a small part of the Inner Moray Firth ‘Local Development Plan’( IMFLDP)  which is produced by Highland Council for a 10 year period alongside the Highland Wide Development Plan. The IMFLDP2 was already approved in 2022 by Highland Council and is due out in 2024 but is still under scrutiny by Scottish Government.

A community led Local Place Plan will enable local residents to make sure that their priorities and needs are properly reflected in the next Highland Wide Development Plan due to be published by Highland Council in 2027 which maps out future development of land for housing and business use. What a Local Place Plan says that local people want, must, by law under the new Scottish National Planning Framework( NPF4), be taken account of as ‘material considerations’ in future Planning decisions for development in the area.

Among the priorities set out in NPF4 guidelines for local authorities, in future, local development plans produced by Scottish Councils including Highland must prioritise town centre regeneration over out of town development, and take an ‘infrastructure first’ approach to all new developments. They must also protect the local natural environment and support the transition towards zero carbon living.

‘Infrastructure’ means anything that physically supports day to day living of residents or operation of businesses in an area, such as roads, pedestrian and active travel routes, energy and water supplies, sewerage, drainage and flood defences and community facilities for education, shopping, health and recreation. 


To produce Nairn’s Local Place Plan, NICE will have volunteer support from local community and business groups, and a paid local coordinator who will be recruited soon.

NICE have applied to the Community Regeneration Fund to help fund a programme of intensive community engagement in autumn 2023 to make sure that as many local people as possible have their say in this Plan..

 Professional support from a Planning Aid Scotland consultant, and a place planning officer has also been offered by Highland Council

This summer and autumn with your help we will be getting out and about in Nairnshire running a series of events and meetings wherever people want them, to talk with local people of all ages, community groups and businesses to find out what they want for this place, and  by early 2024 together we will pull together and agree with the local community a set of achievable priority actions, to create a Local Place Plan for Nairn and its surrounding area.


The aim is that Nairn’s community led LPP will be ready by June 2024 in time to feed into Highland Council’s next Highland wide Development Plan due out in 2027.

We will use this Local Place Plan to help the local community to work together with public and private agencies to ‘deliver’ for the Nairn area from 2024.

Having a Local Place Plan will help Nairnshire projects, groups and businesses access more public funding and private investment in future by:

1/making sure that local funding bids and proposals for new developments are a good fit with what the local community wants.

2/demonstrating that local communities, businesses and public sector are working together effectively to help the area thrive.

3/giving local communities a clear voice and influence to promote our area nationally and internationally as a great place to live, visit and invest


Local people know what this place needs and are best placed to advise on local plans.

We want everyone who lives here to get a say to make sure future developments in and around Nairn get it right for all those who live, work and visit here.


We will be preparing a series of public events, over the summer and autumn for you to come along to in person to contribute your views on what should be in this plan for Nairn .

 Look out on the NICE website, on local notice boards, the Inverness Courier ’Nairnshire’ edition and on social media for our programme of public engagement events and activities which will happen in the autumn. .

Come and talk to us about your ideas for the Local Place Plan at our community stand at Nairn Show and at Nairn Games at the Wallace Bandstand

After we review initial survey responses over the summer NICE will be posting more questions on our webpages and other social media and around the area. for you to think about and email your views back to us about what you think Nairn needs in future and arranging a programme of public events so that the community can come together to shape this Local Place Plan.

You can also put your ideas  on paper in your own way if you prefer and send to us at LPP@nicenairn.org.uk (or post in our LPP postbox at Nairn Community and Arts Centre)

We hope you will join in this important conversation in whatever way you can and share your views on how you’d like to see Nairn develop in the future for the benefit of all.   


We will offer lots of ways to engage with this process. 

You don’t have to have a computer, use the internet or a smartphone or come out to public meetings.

We will reach out to wherever you are eg schools, care homes, rural areas, to make sure that everyone gets a say.  

Let us know if you’d like us to come to you or your group as we build our plans to engage with people in the local area over the coming months.

You can email LPP@nicenairn.org.uk and let us know what you need.

Help us make sure that a Local Place Plan for this area fully reflects what all the people who live here and use Nairn’s amenities want. 

We know that everyone will not share the same views but we will try to gather together the diverse needs and wants of the people who live in Nairn and Nairnshire first, before we ask you to help us focus in on common priorities, proposals for action, and doable projects which will become a Local Place Plan


The main headings and priority themes for this ‘community driven’ Local Place Plan will be defined by you, the people who live and work here.

Other places in Highland doing community led Local Place Plans like the Black Isle, and Stratherrick and Foyers have covered themes such as Housing, Getting Around, Community Amenities,  Environment and Nature, Jobs and Businesses, Heritage and Tourism

Let us know the topics which you think are a particular priority for a locally led plan concerning the future use of land and buildings in the Nairn area.


If you’d like to help us as a volunteer, offer a personal view or ask a question – please drop us a line on LPP@nicenairn.org.uk.  

This important conversation has started and we would love to hear from you.