Local Jobs and Business Growth

creating local employment, and the space to grow business in Nairnshire

We would love to hear how you would facilitate local employment throughout Nairnshire. From a rural economy, to a complimentary digital one, from renewables and embracing Ardersier Free Port to service and tourism. Just what would you do to encourage and foster investment in Nairnshire? Do we have the capacity for business growth? Is their sufficient land supply, power, water, and sewerage? Do we have the skills in the community? How do we build a circular economy in Nairnshire?

We would love to know what you think, and how you would promote and grow jobs and business throughout Nairnshire and how this would support the other key themes grown from the Initial Community Survey:

Town Centre

including Heritage Conservation and Tourist Welcome

Community Amenities

including Health, Education, Leisure, and Recreation

Getting Around

Active Travel, safe and accessible paths and pavements, convenient buses, parking, and sorting out our traffic issue!

Our Natural Environment

protecting our green spaces, across the beach, river, and our abundant landscape

    • Nairn for all ages how do we retain our school leavers and young families, whilst being attractive to young working families as well as looking after our steadily rising over 60s?
    • Nairn led development looking after our Common Good assets; community ownership; and local decision making
    • Green/ Resilient Nairn ensuring that Nairn is ready for and adapting to our changing climate, whilst leading in low carbon development, clean employment, and renewable energies
    • Infrastructure first: what do we need in terms of By-Pass, sewerage, utilities, and flood defences to support a growing town

One thought on “Local Jobs and Business Growth

  1. Bypass, By pass, By pass,
    Employment through development of wetalnd interpretation centre at Sandsdown with a heritage skills training centre there.
    Green corridors for e-bike use around town and nairnshire

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