A Local Place Plan

Public meeting to discuss A Nairn Local Place Plan

Nairn Community & Arts Centre

10 November 2022 at 7.30 PM


  • 1. Welcome AN
  • 2. Introduction to Local Place Planning
    (Slides 2,3)                     AN
  • 3. Infrastructure (Slide 4) AN/ML
  • 4. Business and Employment Growth (Slide 5) AJ/CG
  • 5. Town Centre Regeneration and Rejuvenation (Slide 6)     HB
  • 6. Future Development and Vision for Nairn (Slide 7)
  • Drew Hendry MP – A Deliverable Vision for Nairn
  • Tibor Bandula – A 21st Century Town Centre
  • Sam Hey – Team Hamish – Links redevelopment
  • 7. IMFLDP (Slides 8,9)         HB
  • 8. Closing and Thanks (Slide 10)         AN

AN is Alastair Noble Chair NICE and Nairn West & Suburban CC

ML is Mandy Lawson Secretary NICE and River CC

AJ is Adrian Johnstone Managing Director GF JOB

CG is Caroline Gardner Managing Director Tulloch’s Sawmill

Hamish Bain is Chair Nairn River CC and Director NICE

Drew Hendry MP has led the Inverness Vision Work

Tibor Bandula has written the RARUS Report on Regeneration of Town Centre

Sam Hey leads Team Hamish work and is Treasurer of NICE