A NICE Letter from Sandy

We are pleased to report that we have received a letter from Sandy Park in response to our request to extend the period of consultation on the Town Centre Development. This has now been extended to 1st Feb 2011. So instead of the normal 4 weeks of consultation there will now be 18. We are pleased that Sandy along with his colleagues expressed a desire, “to work with NICE to find a positive solution to our town centre.”

Sandy also confirmed that there will be a workshop on the 22nd November where all interested parties can contribute to the debate. This will be followed at a later date by a Ward Forum where the Development Brief will be presented. This outcome is a recognition that Highland Council, “recognises the strength of public feeling in Nairn that all interested parties should work closely together to get the best possible solution.”

So please make sure you contribute to the debate either directly to Highland Council, at the workshop on the 22nd, or through NICE. Of course do bear in mind that, as William Gilfillan said at the last Ward Forum, all our ideas have to be “realistic and affordable.”

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