NICE 2019 Chair Report


I am very happy to report that I am now seeing a positive way forward. We must work with the new C/E at Highland Council and we are really pleased to have Donna here tonight.

I want you all to leave this meeting seeing a clear strategy to deliver what I believe we all want.

What do we want? Nairn and Nairnshire to be recognised as a centre of innovation and development. NICE has been working hard to build the necessary relationships to allow us all to work together. We have always argued that Nairnshire is a great place to stay and to holiday in.

But it needs investment and support. We want to see more and better local jobs. We want to see a green sustainable future.

So, what have we been working on?

Firstly, we were asked to help deliver the BID (Business Improvement District). This is now up and running. You will all be able to enjoy their first event-TASTE OF NAIRN this weekend. Can I urge as many of you as possible to attend the various events? 

Michael Boylan and his fellow directors will deliver. More footfall, more jobs and above all more good publicity for Nairnshire. Already we are seeing very positive support from our excellent business sector and much more joined up thinking.

Again, they are building on our strong local culture. The Book and Art Festival (3000), Jazz Nairn (1000), Cinema Nairn (1500) and Music Nairn (1000) all contribute to the local and tourist enjoyment. (annual figures)

Add to this -a fantastic Community Centre , the sports club , our 2 great golf courses and the integrated community hospital teams then we really do have some very good foundations to build on.

Team Hamish will also deliver their exciting vision for Nairn. They have won National awards and recognition for their plans. But above all you have responded in the most positive way. Most importantly with your support and help whenever needed. Also, your amazing financial support and generosity. We now have clear way forward and with matched funding will deliver some great improvements for next year. Making sure 2020 will be a great time to be in Nairn.

We have delivered the re surfacing of the all ability path allowing access to the east beach. This is the ideal model of how joined up working delivers what we all want.

Looking forward we want to be involved in exciting developments in the 

Town centre including Viewfield and the museum



There is a lot of interest in The Common Good at present with the Community Empowerment Act.

I would like you all to think about the River Nairn, the Maggot, the Dunbar Golf Cub, Park dean Caravan site, the harbour, the links and Sandown. They are all in our Common Good. They are worth their weight in gold as the essential components of our environment and green sustainable future. They form the basis for our major tourist attractions. That is before we even start to put any financial ticket on them. We owe it to all the previous generations to get this right now and build on this amazing legacy.

Tonight, you will see how far down the road we have come. Yet the future looks better every day.

We have now found the one voice we were asked to deliver. Can you all continue to support and help in any way you can. Nairnshire will be an even better place to live and holiday in.

Dr Alastair L Noble 

Chairman NICE