NICE Consultation

We have been working hard behind the scenes and had several useful meetings with officers of Highland Council. Our feasibility study and consultation on the use of the Old Social Work building is underway – and a major part of that involves consultation with the community. Questionnaire’s have already been sent to local business and tourism operator’s.

If you run a local business and would like to contribute, here is a link to the form –

As it is important to involve as many local people as possible there is also a modified survey for wider consultation among NICE members and non-members.

Click this link to take the survey

Community Land Ownership
We have also heard from Iain Bolland, a student completing a degree in Sustainable Environmental Management. As part of his studies he is preparing an honours dissertation based on youth attitudes to community asset ownership in rural areas. These are issues that affect us here. He has prepared a couple of surveys – one aimed at exploring adults’ attitudes to the impact of community ownership on youth migration (Community Land Ownership Adults) and another aimed directly at the views of young adults themselves (Community Land Ownership Youth).

His aim is to examine whether community ownership is seen as making a positive contribution to young adult retention (or in-migration) from a young adult perspective.

If you feel you can help Iain with these surveys it would be greatly appreciated as NICE will be provided with a report on the research

Thank-you for your time.

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