Town Centre Survey

As you may already know, Highland Council is holding a mini-Charrette in Nairn on the 30th April-1st May. It will have a clear focus on identifying the mechanisms for delivering and funding projects that will best deliver town centre regeneration. The town centre regeneration project will focus on Nairn town centre but will extend to include consideration of its relationship to other important parts of the town including the harbour, The Links, former farmer’s show field and future development areas. It also needs to address wider transport connections and the accessibility of shops and community facilities and services. It will form a consolidated plan for embracing change, delivering town centre regeneration and improvement and the integration of growth areas in the town.

As one of the partners in this consultation NICE invited the community to participate and prepared a survey to ascertain local views. The response has been very encouraging with 216 online responses and 90 hard-copy forms. A range of questions covered additional facilities and services that may or may not be advantageous and respondents were asked to rate these on a scale of 1-5. Subjects covered included parking, buses, taxis, cycles, access and regeneration. Responses have been converted to average weighted and give a clear picture of public views in relation to each of these issues. Questionnaire results here (xls spreadsheet).

Respondents were also asked to contribute their ideas under three main headings:

1) What Shops and Services would you like to see in the Town Centre and High Street that are not already there?
Online Survey Results here (.doc) – PDF Version

2) What additional tourist attractions and/or facilities would enhance Nairn as a destination?
Online Survey Results here (.doc) – PDF Version

3) Any additional comments, ideas or suggestions you’d like to make?
Online Survey Results here (.doc) – PDF Version

4) Combined Paper Survey Responses here (.doc) – PDF Version

At this stage results are presented as given. Time will be spent identifying trends in order to present the issues that are most keenly expressed in this survey.

We are grateful to everyone who made time to complete the survey and look forward to representing to the Charrette organisers, as best we can, the views that have been expressed in all these responses.

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