We were almost there…!

For almost a year now, we have been working up a business case for the use of the Old Social Work Building. It has long been suggested that the building would make an ideal Gateway for the town centre. In calling for businesses to participate in the project we were contacted by a playgroup facility that was keen to expand their operation. We worked for many hours on an exciting plan; hammered out a funding package; produced detailed plans and got as far as obtaining builders quotes for the renovation of the premises.

We were ready to place an offer on the premises for a sum agreed with Highland Council, but just three weeks before our deadline 1st Steps Nursery decided to establish their expanded business in Rosebank Church. You may have seen details in the local press. While we wish them every success for the future it brought our well-developed plans to a sudden halt. As a result we will have to start again on a new business case, with the support of our funders, and have asked Highland Council for an extension to their deadline for an offer on the building. We hope that our local elected representatives will support NICE and the community in this request and that Highland Council will grant an extension.

3 thoughts on “We were almost there…!

  1. Re you comments on the scuppered plans for the social work buildings. Surely the plans did not have to be so precise as to have area allocated to the nursery with no flexibility as to occupant of that designated area ? There must be other organizations e.g. Crossroads looking for accommodation. This is not good publicity on the web for the Nice organization.

  2. In this case the plans did have to be precise. Other organisations had expressed an interest and some can still be accommodated. But the nursery had specific requirements and the plans were drawn up with those in mind. To be of use to them, the plans had to be tailored to their perceived needs as they saw them at the time. Any new partner will have their own requirements and the space has to be designed around what will actually work for them. If not, why would they be interested in investing?

  3. Double edged sword.

    Many will understand that in the meantime your own work and plans may have been thwarted with the first building. On the other hand its wonderful to see someone coming forward who is prepared to use the old Rosebank church. Hats off to them. Many of the thousands of motorists and Narnites will be delighted to see the old stone church get a new lease of life. Will it be easier to get a tenant into the old social work building, than into the old church? I’m sure no one underestimates the sheer amount of funding and work to get that church into a safe and useful state again.

    We all care about Nairn, and sometime the path to success is not an easy one. Please dont let this stumbling block deter you from trying with social work building again.

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