Nairn’s Local Place Plan Community Group consultation launches!

the Community Consultation covered Community Amenities being discussed here under the stewardship of Nairn Academy’s Deputy Head, Sarah Abenheimer

We were delighted to welcome 39 guests to our initial Community Group download session, ably hosted by Planning Aid Scotland. Participants covered a wide cross section of Nairnshire, from Nairn Access Panel leading conversation on Getting Around, to representatives from Nairnshire’s farming community. We were pleased to welcome DTAS’ Alice Duthuille, Programme Development Officer, as spectator to proceedings.

Following a brief introduction to the evening from Alastair Noble, LPP Chair, and Iain McPherson, Operations Director for Planning Aid Scotland, Iain put everyone to work in groups formed under our 5 main headings. A collaboration of organisations across Nairnshire took lead roles in the conversation, with each working group reporting back their top 3 points from the night. Participants had the chance to move amongst the groups at a half-time coffee break.

Town Centre: including heritage Conservation and Tourist Welcome

led by Nairn’s BID

  • “our beach is the town centre”
  • “regeneration will need a significant financial plan with political cooperation”
  • “regeneration of derelict/ empty buildings”

Community Amenities: Health, Education, Leisure, and Recreation

led by Nairn Academy’s Deputy Head 

  • “safe travel routes between amenities encouraging seafront sustainability with improved parking”
  • “sports facilities – can the footprint of the old Nairn Academy be reused for covered sports facilities”
  • “financing and finance”

Getting Around: sorting traffic jams, safe/ accessible paths, parking and pavements to promote walking and active travel, more convenient buses

led by Nairn Access Panel

  • “making Nairn accessible for everyone – a safe and accessible route to the beach”
  • “collaboration/ discussion between groups to ensure plans can be achieved”
  • “don’t take mobility, or access, for granted”

Employment: more local jobs and space to grow businesses to create them

led by Grigorhill Business leaders and 

  • “young people, and retaining young people, with viable night time economy”
  • “increased employment and job guidance opportunities in school”
  • “town centre regeneration to increase jobs and interest”

Our Environment: protecting the natural environment, green spaces

led by LPP volunteers

  • “management group for common good”
  • “a high quality green environment is good for mental health”
  • “wealth of green space represented by Common Good assets may provide opportunities for leisure, recreation, and the attractiveness of Nairn as a destination”

Local Development Plan and General

led by LPP and NICE volunteers

  • “joined up and integrated way of working together”
  • “new plans to retrofit and re-purpose, not simply build new”
  • “allocation of space for housing and business”
  • “control of developer obligations”

The main highlights of the night’s discussion were summarised by Iain McPherson:

  • derelict and empty buildings should have a priority to retrofit/ re-use to create a vibrant town centre;
  • Nairnshire’s beach front and Common Good Assets to be managed as a unified and accessible block; and
  • community ownership, giving influence and control, achieved through political cohesion across Nairnshire

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