Thank You!


From all of the LPP team, thank you to everyone who completed an initial survey, made it along to our Roadshow, returned an online consultation, made it along to one of our events, gave some input, and who has supported the Local Place Plan consultation process so far.

Thursday night saw our final workshop event – Sustainable Futures, where we set about overlaying maps with priority spaces, identifying key actions for a sustainable Nairnshire, and creating a Nairn vision statement based on all of the inputs we have received so far.

We also met with some of the Nairn BID members at the Nairn CAB. Next week, the LPP Steering Group meets with some of our large, industrial, and commercial employers from across Grigorhill and Balmakeith and we will be updating progress to the Community Partnership.

Whilst we work on the data distillation, and Planning Aid Scotland begin authoring the draft, it was clear that everyone was united behind any development being people focused, making things better, and that future development should focus on rejuvenating and enhancing our wealth of assets from nature to the built environment.

The look ahead schedule is now:

– final group discussions and presentations in the consultation phase of the LPP development week commencing 17th May

– authoring of the draft local place plan for presentation to the LPP Steering Group late June

– public and statutory consultation from mid-July

– LPP submission deadline of 27th September

This has been an exciting and robust process and would not have been possible without your valued input. If there is anything else that is pressing and in your mind, any recent community group consultations and or any other survey results you have undertaken recently…please do send those results and findings on to us at

Local Place Plan – Town & Village Centres, Green Space & Leisure, and Sustainable Futures

Last week we kicked off our community group led workshops focusing on the key headings emerging from community feedback through the Road Show, Online Consultation, open door, Community Group Workshop, and last summer’s initial survey.

Led by the very capable Planning Aid Scotland team, including their volunteer Town Planners, we had some lively debate, detailed discussion, and a real detailed understanding of the lead concepts and projects emerging from the consultation process.

This week, we are working on:

Town and Village Centres

Wednesday 15th May, 6pm – 9pm at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre

Green Space & Leisure

Thursday 16th May, 9am – 12noon at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre

Sustainable Futures

Thursday 16th May, 6pm – 9pm at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre

If you would like your community group to be represented at these discussions, please get in touch with us directly at, or book directly under our Events to book your space. You are welcome to attend one or many of our workshops.

We look forward to working with you.

Local Place Plan – Business & Jobs and Getting Around Workshops


We are looking forward kicking off the Local Place Plan thematic workshops with Business & Jobs tonight, Thursday 9th May from 6pm-9pm in the United Reformed Church.

Business & Jobs

Business & Jobs is open to all Nairn and Nairnshire businesses, from High Street and Tourism, to Industry and Agriculture. You can register your attendance here, or, get in touch with us at We can get you involved at the door, but, it would be great if you could let us know you can make it along so we are ready to welcome you.

If you are a business owner, a sole trader, or represent your employer in the area, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Getting Around

Hot on the heels of Business & Jobs, we will be discussing Getting Around throughout Nairn and Nairnshire on Friday 10th May from 9am – 12noon in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre. If you walk, wheel, drive, or use public transport, if you use the beach, riverside, A96, or any routes throughout Nairn and Nairnshire, this is your chance to get involved in the future physical connectivity throughout Nairnshire.

You can book into our workshop here, or, get in touch with us at We can get you involved at the door, but, it would be great if you could let us know you can make it along so we are ready to welcome you.

Did you know that you can search all of The Highland Council’s registered Local Place Plans? At the moment, there is one registered Highland Local Place Plan. You can find it here.

Currently, we are aware of several Highland Local Place Plans in development, including:

  • Black Isle
  • Skye
  • Ardgour

You can read more about these and other Local Place Plans emerging across Scotland by reading Nick Wright’s LinkedIn article.

Nairn and Nairnshire’s Local Place Plan is amongst the most ambitious and complex Local Place Plans currently being developed. Nairnshire includes several distinct communities, from Auldearn to Croy, and Nairn to Ferness, with tourism, agriculture, business and industry all working together, sharing some of the most stunning coastline, river sides, and outdoor spaces in Scotland. We are also close to Inverness and the Inverness Airport, on the main Aberdeen-Inverness train line, the A96 and the A939, and boast a functioning harbour which supports commercial fishing, tourism, and locally owned leisure vessels. Our golf courses are internationally recognised and our health and social care provision is fantastic. Your Local Place Plan is your opportunity to influence and guide the future of Nairn and Nairnshire for all of us.

We look forward to welcoming business and community groups at our Business and Jobs event, and community groups with an interest in physical connectivity, mobility, and access throughout Nairnshire to our Getting Around workshop. Please do get in touch to book your space.

Nairn and Nairnshire Businesses – Call to Action

Following our programme of community consultation, one of our leading emerging themes is Business & Jobs for Nairn and Nairnshire.

Our workshop will make a deeper dive into the needs of our local businesses, from town centre to agriculture throughout Nairn and Nairnshire. We will be discussing this in detail on 9th May, from 6pm-9pm.

If your business, whether you are part of the Nairn BID, Grigorhill, Balmakeith, Nairnshire or agricultural business communities, would like to join this discussion and help to lead the Local Place Plan to a robust plan for the future of Nairn and Nairnshire, please do get in touch with us at

Places are limited to 30. Pre-booking your place is critical. We look forward to seeing you.

Community Consultation Emerging Themes

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our community consultations, from our initial questionnaire over the summer of 2023 to our Road Show and Online Consultation.

We received a wide range of input, including:

  • 454 replies to our community survey
  • 64 directly submitted comments to our website
  • 181 local people attending our community consultation roadshow
  • 690 individual comments left at our community roadshow
  • 2 detailed proposal emails received representing both an individual and a major community group
  • 21 open Thursdays hosted at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre
  • 87 detailed responses to our online community survey

On behalf of the community, Planning Aid Scotland are assessing all of this information in readiness for our May workshops. Key headings, with conversation ideas, that are emerging are:

Business & Jobs

  • Space for industrial growth, new and growing businesses at scale
  • Space for green industries and freeport related businesses
    • For both – reference to Grigorhill Masterplan
  • Small business infrastructure and ecosystem – coworking hubs
  • Creative industry opportunities
  • Tourism industry opportunities
  • Infrastructure to support business and jobs

Getting Around

  • By-pass – including what we do before this is enacted, and then after this is constructed
  • Public transport – improving access, routes and supporting Nairn and shire needs
  • Other roads – connecting communities, ability to use these routes for active travel
  • Active travel – leisure and commuting/service routes. Again a pre and post bypass story here.
  • Accessibility – what does all the above look like for creating safe, universal access
    • Firhall Bridge ramp
  • Connection between train station and town centre, town centre and beach

Town & Village Centres

  • Conservation Areas – ensuring quality, and using these as a vehicle for funding (e.g. CARS etc)
  • Building Reuse – reference to Scottish Housing Investment Programme
    • Homes
    • Community hub
    • Coworking hub
    • Creative spaces
    • Market
  • Central homes
    • Above shops, empty buildings, allocating central sites
    • Densify areas around community infrastructure (i.e. transport, shops, health)
  • Facilities – locating centrally. Use relocation policy to draw footfall etc into the town centre.
    • Library retention in central location
  • Policy limiting out of town development – connecting to jobs and business growth

Green Space & Leisure

  • Sites for greenspace retention, or mixed use approach.
  • Leisure hubs/spaces – developments at the beach, ensuring access, public infrastructure etc
  • Renewable and regenerative spaces – nature reserves, coastal protection, maximizing the use of Nairn’s common good spaces for the public good.
  • Role of Royal Burgh of Nairn’s Common Good assets – how can this be managed for the long term public good.
  • Nairn Harbour – location for tourism, leisure etc.
  • Swimming pool upgrade

Sustainable Futures

  • Connecting sites to infrastructure that ensures sustainable locations
  • Renewables and regenerative approaches – how can sites be used for renewable energy, district heating. Solar farm, run of river hydro, tidal, wind.
  • Homes – design guides, provision of the right types in the right locations (i.e. provision for people downsizing, for first home buyers etc)
  • Flooding – defenses where needed, adaptation where possible, no building where risk
  • Balanced population – attracting people to Nairn to fill caring roles as population ages

These headings, with their supporting ideas, will form our May workshops. We will be holding one workshop per event. Our May workshops will run from 9th – 16th May, and will include some key invitations, including Highland Council officials, other authority bodies, and key community stakeholders. If you would like your community group to be represented at any of these events, please contact us initially by email to

That’s a Wrap!

Our online community consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide us with your thoughts, comments, and proposals for the future of Nairn. We received 87 online responses, with postal replies to be counted.

This marks the close of our data gathering community consultation. You may recall this process started away back in June 2023 with our initial community survey as the Local Place Plan kicked off, and has culminated in our community consultation in April 2024.

We are now in digest mode, analysing all of the responses, comments, and proposals, to build what will be a major milestone for the community and communities of Nairn and Nairnshire, helping us all to shape the future of our home.

A quick summary of your engagement so far, with at least:

  • 454 replies to our community survey
  • 64 directly submitted comments to our website
  • 181 local people attending our community consultation roadshow
  • 690 individual comments left at our community roadshow
  • 2 detailed proposal emails received representing both an individual and a major community group
  • 21 open Thursdays hosted at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre
  • 87 detailed responses to our online community survey

This is a massive range of leadership from the community and will allow the creation of a truly community led Local Place Plan that will help to guide and steer future development throughout Nairn and Nairnshire for the 10 year life of the plan, setting the building blocks for the future of Nairn and Nairnshire.

We’re Counting Down the Days!

The current phase of the Nairn and Nairnshire Local Place Plan preparation is counting down the days until we close the online community consultation on the 14th April 2024.

Through the summer of 2023, more than 450 responses were made to the formative Nairn and Nairnshire questionnaire. In January, we met with 39 of you for an in-depth discussion on what the future land use of Nairn and Nairnshire might be. Throughout March, we took the community consultation on the road, where we received more than 1,000 comments and suggestions for the future use of land, community actions, projects and much more throughout Nairn and Nairnshire.

If you haven’t taken your chance to have your say yet, there is still time…the online community consultation closes at the end of the 14th April. This means that, on the 15th April, we will be downloading all of your comments, suggestions, and visions for the future land use of Nairn and Nairnshire, and how you think we can best use our assets for the future of Nairn and Nairnshire.

Whatever your thoughts and opinions for the future land use and development of Nairn and Nairnshire, we want to hear them. Without them, the local place plan may not reflect how you see the future of Nairn and Nairnshire. Get involved…

Did you make it along?

Last night was our last Road Show consultation event in the preparation of the Nairn and Nairnshire Local Place Plan.

We’re still reading and counting up more than 700 comments left by our 150 visitors, across the 9 events, ranging from Auldearn to Croy and the Seaman’s Hall to Fornighty Hall. Our visitors ranged across all ages:

the Local Place Plan Roadshow ran from 4th March 2024-27th March 2024, hosting 9 events throughout Nairnshire

Did you make it along? Thank you if you did. It was great to meet you and hear your thoughts. If not, don’t panic, you can still take part. You can visit our Digital Hall, and give us your feedback by completing our online consultation, or by emailing us directly at

We will share insights to the themes that are shining through from your feedback as we read and group all of your comments.

The online consultation closes end of 14th April 2024.

If you are a member of a community group and would like to take part in our May workshops, please send us your details for the attention of Kenny at

Nairn and Nairnshire Local Place Plan – get involved!

Your Nairnshire Local Place Plan consultation is open.

We are counting down to the end of our consultation Road Show. After a busy few weeks, we will have covered the length and breadth of Nairnshire collecting your ideas, thoughts, and proposals for the future development of Nairn and Nairnshire. It has been an exciting trip, with some carefully considered opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for our future development presented for incorporation to our body of evidence.

The Local Place Plan development has been an incremental path, which started way back in June 2023:

  • June – September 2023: initial public consultation, gathering your general thoughts on Nairn and Nairnshire, which became the formative themes for our detailed consultation
  • August 2023: NICE appointed as the Local Place Plan delivery body
  • October 2023: funding approved for NICE to deliver the Local Place Plan
  • November 2023: Local Place Plan Coordinator appointed, with open Thursdays launching at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre with some key community body meetings held
  • January 2023: our first Community Group consultation workshop was held in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre
  • February 2023: the Nairn and Nairnshire Local Place Plan timeline and progress so far presented to Highland Council
  • March 2023: our community consultation Road Show launched, starting in Nairn Academy, and ending on 27th March in the Lethen Hall, Auldearn
  • March 2023: our online detailed consultation went live, with a closing date of 14th April 2024

We have been asking some ‘voting’ questions, some demographic, and some more detailed questions on land development, use of land, and asking you to sow the seeds for future community action projects that may grow from the Local Place Plan.

This is your chance to have your opinion heard and taken through to our body of evidence, and to help shape the direction of Nairn and Nairnshire for the next 10+ years. As the grand parents would have said, “speak now or forever hold your peace”.

Your Local Place Plan Needs You!

Your Local Place Plan consultation has been on the road since 4th March, and will finish its Road Show on 27th March. If you can’t get along, if you’ve had more thoughts, if you’d like to take part online instead of in person…our Survey is Live!

Our survey might take you a few minutes, or, you might want to spend some time on it. You can, if you have a Google account, save progress and come back to it later. If you have something that doesn’t quite fit the form, you can still email that in to, or visit us on a Thursday in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre.

Don’t forget, this is your chance to make a difference for the future of Nairn and Nairnshire. Your Local Place Plan will help to guide the physical development of Nairn for the next 10 years or more.

We look forward to hearing from you.