NICE – A Political Entity?

It is heartening to hear the generally positive comments from residents about the NICE Vision. We also note suggestions that NICE could eventually become the new burgh council or that by appointing varying proportions of Community Councillors as directors, NICE could better represent the views of the town.

Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise is a registered company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. NICE aims to act as a voice for the community and to channel their views productively. We promote the message that the regeneration of the town is in the hands of our own community and NICE can help it take ownership. Through engagement and consultation we wish to foster civic pride deep in the heart of our community.

NICE is not a political entity and its primary obligation is to act on behalf of its membership, which is open to every resident. Under NICE’s constitution the Board makes director appointments from the membership on the basis of their skills and their desire to work towards fulfilment the objectives of NICE and at each AGM the members have the opportunity to determine director appointments. We fully respect the work of the 3 Community Councils and we have no interest in replacing or setting up new political or local government structures. NICE will seek to work with all who have a desire to improve our community; our economy; housing; tourism and amenities. All residents are invited to become members of NICE so that we can progress the regeneration and improvement of Nairn. We look forward very much to working with residents, local groups and businesses and welcome their input.


3 thoughts on “NICE – A Political Entity?

  1. Nice MkI was born of popular political resistance to Highland Council plans for the town centre against a wider background of discontent to the way the Council was treating Nairn. It remains to be seen if the new administration will be of a more benign disposition in the long-term. Let’s hope so.

    Wherever brand new MkII goes those original origins will always leave at least a small ‘p’ in the background and often in the foreground too perhaps.

    If the Council wish to play ball with NICE then that will be a political decision. If a citizen wishes at some time in the future to complain, protest or campaign against a NICE initiative (that may happen) then that will entail a political process. If a citizen so-minded were to approach a community council then that also would be a political process. NICE is obviously nothing to do with party politics but it is part of the fabric of everyday political life that is Nairn. From the wee gurn on the street corner to the powerpoint presentations in the Courthouse, there are politics swirling all around us whether we like it or not.

  2. “Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them” (Paul Valery).

    The future development of Nairn is something which concerns all who live in the town and wish to see it prosper. NICE is quite right to stress that membership is open to everyone. The more members it has, the more effectively it will be able to reflect the various views of people within the community.

    Instead of expecting or demanding representation by quota, or a seat on the board as an automatic right, those who wish to play a role in helping NICE to move forward should join up and say what they want to do to help. The membership will surely be happy to support the appointment as directors of anyone who can make an useful contribution to the collective effort.

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