A Vision for Nairn

Despite the poor weather and other meetings in the town, there was an excellent turnout to the NICE public presentation of the “Vision for Nairn”. This has been loosely described as a business plan but it is in reality a strategy document that outlines a number of challenges that face the community – along with suggestions for improvement. We are all familiar with the problems facing the town centre and the debate about what should be done with it. There has been controversy over the use and ownership of Common Good land. Is there a better way to use Sandown for the benefit of the community? Strong views have been expressed over the development at the old Bus Station; there are concerns about what happens to the library once the lease expires; could something better be done with Viewfield House?

These and many other issues are addressed in the Strategy document. They are not solutions but purely ideas for consideration by local people; it’s a work in progress. It requires community input and we would value to your comments and ideas. Download the document here.

We set ourselves an ambitious target for membership. Indeed, legislation requires a membership of 10% of the population to exercise Right to Buy. Prior to the meeting we had around 130 members. It is now nudging 300. If you have yet to join, please use the sign-up link to the right.

One thought on “A Vision for Nairn

  1. Having attended last Friday’s meeting, I was impressed by the turnout considering the weather. The presentation was well received, and the many pertinent questions afterwards. Even the Minister’s quip about Dr Grigors observations on the people of Nairn got a good chuckle ! It’s clear to me that much thought and expertise has gone into the NICE vision for Nairn, and all those involved are to be congratulated on their joined up thinking and hard work. It seems to me that party politics have got to be left behind for the benefit of this vision for Nairn. The joined up approach shown in NICE’s vision has to be matched by the local community councils and our elected Regional councillors as well. A unified approach is far more likely to bring results for the benefit of all the Nairn residents, Nairn could look a lot better and be the envy of many Towns across the country. NICE are on the right track, keep going !

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