Your Local Place Plan Needs You!

Your Local Place Plan consultation has been on the road since 4th March, and will finish its Road Show on 27th March. If you can’t get along, if you’ve had more thoughts, if you’d like to take part online instead of in person…our Survey is Live!

Our survey might take you a few minutes, or, you might want to spend some time on it. You can, if you have a Google account, save progress and come back to it later. If you have something that doesn’t quite fit the form, you can still email that in to, or visit us on a Thursday in the Nairn Community & Arts Centre.

Don’t forget, this is your chance to make a difference for the future of Nairn and Nairnshire. Your Local Place Plan will help to guide the physical development of Nairn for the next 10 years or more.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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