It’s 2024…

…and this is the year that we are going to make it happen!

On Friday, 27th September, Highland Council closes registration for Local Place Plans. “Once registered, Local Place Plans will be taken into account as evidence for the new Local Development Plan and can also be a material consideration when planning applications are being considered.” Reference The Highland Council Local Place Plans

Your Local Place Plan is being worked on now. This includes:

  • the Initial Community Survey, completed over Summer 2023
  • Community Group consultations, which have been running over winter 2023 and culminate in the Community Group Consultation event on 15th January
  • a Highland Council engagement event on 5th February, to consult with and engage across all aspects of the Highland Council delivery leaders, such as Active Transport, and other groups including Highlife Highland and HIE
  • our Community Engagement programme, set to run through March reaching out to all areas represented by the Nairnshire Local Place Plan

Whilst the schedule is worked through, you can still submit your suggestions and recommendations and ask any questions through your Local Place Plan team, by email at, in person in our open Thursday’s at the Nairn Community and Arts Centre, or by posting a comment online.

Don’t leave it too late. Get in touch and help to make Nairnshire your Nairnshire.


One thought on “It’s 2024…

  1. I feel Viewfield should be promoted as an asset both for residents of Nairn and visitors.
    The Community Centre, sports Club, bowling green, green hive orchard and Nairn Museum are all situated within Viewfield and all would benefit from a coordinated approach to more visible signage and advertising.
    The Sports Club alone has almost one thousand members but is keen to encourage visitors to come and enjoy the wide range of activities on offer.

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