Auldearn AU01: Land at Meadowfield

Figure 1:Auldearn settlement map, Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2, page 100, published for consultation 25th March 2023

Auldearn is represented in the IMFLDP2 as a Main Settlement, for Local development as a Tier 3 settlement. For comparison, a Tier 1 settlement includes “good active travel and public transport links”, whilst a Tier 4 settlement offers “very limited employment, transport options and services.”, which due to being “almost exclusively dependent on car based travel” are not “appropriate locations for any significant development”. Reference Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2, published for consultation 25th March 2023, paragraph 28 and Table 2 Settlement Hierarchy, pages 31 and 32..

Auldearn is represented with only one future land allocation AU01. AU01 is designated for housing, with an indicative capacity of 30 new homes.

What do you think?

Does this IMFLDP2 AU01 Land at Meadowfield satisfy your hopes and ambitions for Auldearn, a key settlement in Nairnshire and the wider Highlands?

How could you see AU01, or any other packet of land, be best used to serve:

  • Community Amenities, including schooling and healthcare
  • Green, Resilient Nairnshire
  • Getting Around, including active travel, access for all, and general mobility in Auldearn
  • Local Employment and Business growth
  • Town Centre and Tourist Welcome, including regeneration

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