Nairn NA01: Achareidh

Figure 1. Map 31 Nairn, Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan, page 278, published for consultation 25th March 2023.

Area NA01 in Achareidh is identified for housing over an area of circa 18.4ha. The site is identified with an indicative capacity of 30 new houses.

How would you see the future of Achareidh?

Is 30 new houses a potential an increase in capacity for affordable homes, securing opportunity for Nairnshire’s young families to live and work in Nairn?

Perhaps you see the future of Achareidh as a corner stone in a green resilient Nairnshire, building on in-town green space and allotment farming, or perhaps you see the site as an extension of Community Amenities with development potential for an activity space in Nairn centre?

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One thought on “Nairn NA01: Achareidh

  1. ### the houses, wheres the primary school that was promised in the 70s when the scheme was built. if you want social housing buy existing stock and rent them out. Nairns pop has outstripped the services

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