Nairn NA04: Sandown

Figure 1: Map 31, Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2, page 278, published for consultation 25th March 2023.

Land allocation NA04: Sandown represents a significant land area of 36.3ha. The site is identified as a mixed use development, including Housing, Business, and Community with an indicative capacity of 150 new houses (350 total). The site development should be in accordance with the Sandown Development Brief whilst developing:

  • a positive contribution to the A96 and entrance to Nairn, with a lights controlled pedestrian crossing;
  • Active Travel routes alongside the A96;
  • a Recreation Access Management Plan, which raises the potential impact of water based activities; and
  • provision and or contribution towards open space, path and green network requirements including mitigation associated with the Inverness to Nairn Coastal Trail

How would you assess a potential Sandown development? Does developing Sandown foster a 20 minute town, whilst creating affordable and accessible homes for growing employment in Nairnshire?

Perhaps your vision for Sandown is a mixed use West gateway to Nairn, making a show case for what could be achieved on the East gateway, bringing sustainable employment together with increased Community Amenities and carefully designed residential areas to foster the green network, accessing all that Nairn has to offer through Altonburn Road whilst creating a true sense of space?

Maybe you are happy with the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2 proposal, but would see another set of lights on the A96 as adding further pollution to static, congested traffic being stopped again and would rather that there is a by-pass in place before such a sizeable development adjacent to the A96, and that any pedestrian route should avoid conflict with the A96 howsoever and needs an over- or under-pass?

Or your concept for Sandown is simply to create an enhanced green space, fostering Active Travel, Community Amenity, and a space for people and nature to mix in a community owned natural environment conservation area?

Whatever your thoughts are, we would love to hear them directly at or leave your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Nairn NA04: Sandown

  1. As with my comment for the other consultation, no further development should even be considered until the bypass is in place and it’s effect reviewed. The traffic in the Nairn area is challenge enough without an increase in the population/cars/through traffic.

  2. The schools, doctors, A96 etc cannot cope with anymore houses. It’s that simple. Rectify the problems we already have before any housing is considered! It’s that simple.

  3. As a member of nairn allotment society i agree with others that the town is congested enough with traffic and a crossing along this side of town will just cause more chaos. Sandown lane is busy as it is with folk taking detours. Also the wildlife is this area would need protect as we know there are badgers , squirrels , deer and lots of birds of all species in this area. They would also need to make sure they have coastal paths for the folk that wish to walk down this area often.

  4. NA04 Sandown is Common Good Land which belongs to the inhabitants of Nairn and NOT HIGHLAND COUNCIL. Two recent and costly public consultations overwhelmingly rejected the use of our land for housing as proposed by Highland Council.

    Since this land belongs to the residents of Nairn, it is up to them and only them to decide what, when and for what purpose they want to use this land, if anything. No one who is not a resident of Nairn Burgh has any say in what happens to this and other Nairn Common Good Land.

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