Nairn NA05: Nairn East

Figure 1: Map 31, Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2, page 278, published for consultation 25th March 2023

Nairn East represents the largest single land allocation in Nairnshire, covering 98.3ha or thereby, over a mixed use development of Housing, Business, Community, and Industry with potential for 250 (650-850 Total) new houses.

Lying generally between the A96 to the North and the A939 to the South West, the development area creates the new gateway to Nairn from the East and the South. The developer shall submit a Development Brief ahead of any statutory pre-application submission, which shall include for an Engagement Strategy.

What would make the most of this significant area of land to the East end of Nairn? How would you engage any development here with Active Travel and green networks into the Town Centre, towards the Community Amenities of the schools and healthcare and onwards to the beach and leisure spaces? Can this be achieved whilst loading the A939 junction, and the main connection onto Granny Barbour’s Road with the potential of hundreds, if not more than 1,000 cars trying to move around during the day?

Perhaps you see the development at Nairn East differently, creating a small scale circular economy, with homes, business, and industry closely married to foster a 20 minute town within an enlarged Househill. With a strong green network, residents may be at work in minutes, take lunch from the local shop or café, use a Househill nursery and enjoy that their older children have a clear pathway to Nairn Academy?

Or maybe you see the opportunity here to focus on supporting the Grigorhill businesses to have the opportunity to grow into a new employment centre, creating sustainable, long term employment with training opportunity to retain and support Nairnshire’s young families to stay in Nairnshire? By investing in technology, in a digital connection, Grigorhill perhaps becomes your the Highland’s green tech hub for the next wave of technology?

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8 thoughts on “Nairn NA05: Nairn East

  1. There should be no further development anywhere in Nairn until the bypass is in place – review how that’s worked then look at further development. The traffic problems in Nairn and on the surrounding roads are bad enough as it is for the existing population without add to them.

    • I agree, no more houses until they can rectify issues such as A96, the schools, shops etc. it’s all houses and shops. Not enough activity places, for families young and old to enjoy a wee cinema, a pool, arcade place. Nairn is getting very dire!

  2. Nairn gridlocked as it is at moment . No development until proper infrastructure in place and A96 bypass completed which will probably only happen after the moon is inhabited !!!

  3. A proposed plan by the Grigorhill Business Group to expand businesses and create more substantive local jobs, apprenticeships and hopefully provide well paid employment in order to retain young people and families in Nairn was submitted to Highland Council and the Examination Reporter in March 2023. This proposed initial plan is available to read.

    Priority must be our basic infrastructure, ie water, sewage, electricity, flood prevention, A96 and local roads together with essential social infrastructure, ie schools, health and Social care, dentists etc. Other community amenities such as playparks, library, swimming pool, links, and other green spaces need to be improved and protected.

    What we DO NOT NEED is more sprawling housing development being built on our surrounding green fields. Regenerating the Town Centre and making use of vacant properties and derelict/empty buildings will revitalise the Centre, increase footfall and will provide much needed centrally located housing as indicated in the Nairn Housing Waiting List.

  4. Planners decide what they think is best to meet targets, but in so doing they forget the inevitable personal consequences for local residents – Nairn’s infrastructure is unable to cope whether it be roads, water, sewage, schools, and doctors/dentists.

    This is our home not a target, we are not faceless people, and any decision to approve what is essentially a new village at NA05 will consign the people of Nairn to more misery, through increased traffic congestion and air pollution, the very high risk of flooding, more sewage in our River and on our beaches, reduced water pressure, poor school buildings which are at capacity, longer waiting times to see a doctor, little or no chance of seeing an NHS dentist and a town centre which needs a revamp. Further development before infrastructure is addressed would be an environmental and ecological disaster for the area!

    So, when the powers that be are considering the NA05 – Nairn East section, please remember your decision has wide reaching consequences for the folk of Nairn & the many businesses & employees that have been operating from Grigorhill Ind Estate for many years! Any house building next to the businesses would definitely jeopardize their existence, we can`t risk losing local jobs! A green Nairn is the approach which the community agree is the way forward for us. Local Place Planning is not simply about a list of pet projects, it is about the needs, priorities and aspirations of communities like Nairn.

  5. The Springfield Development Plans for this area should be given the Go ahead asap.
    Utilities, Roads and Green Space areas first.
    Phased development schedule to match By-Pass.
    Commercial development area asap
    Community Hub area asap

    Jimmy Ferguson

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