Nairn NA06: East of the Retail Park

Figure 1: Map 31, Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan 2, page 278, published for consultation 25th March 2023

This site is bound by and, without development of NA05, accessed from the A96. The site has a total area of circa 2.1ha and is identified for a capacity of 40 new houses within a mixed use development of Housing, Business, and Community. Any development proposal should be presented as a Developer Masterplan prior to commencing any application. Reference NA06: East of the Retail Park, Inner Moray Firth Development Plan 2, page 282, published for consultation 25th March 2023.

The IMFLDP2 context to this site is set against one of potential archeological interest, which adds an interesting dynamic. It is also framed by the existing A96 footpath linking Nairn to Auldearn, which should be upgraded along the site frontage, ie alongside the A96.

How do you see the development opportunity for this area to the East of the Retail Park? as the potential corner stone to Nairn’s East arrival, with the first access of the A96, how would you aim to develop the site? Perhaps there is an opportunity to re-route the footpath away from the A96, to embrace an Active Travel green network upgrade between Nairn and Auldearn, whilst developing a unique affordable development, bringing housing within a few minutes walk of Balmakeith Industrial Estate?

Maybe you see the site as having the potential to create more employment, forming a small office and digital park, with an interesting green space fostering inside outside work spaces where nature and commerce can live side by side.

Perhaps you think the site is best suited to expanding the Retail Park, with additional retail units set within a striking wooded boundary, bringing additional jobs to Nairn?

Whatever your vision is, we would love to see it so that we can grow the Nairnshire Local Place Plan as fully as possible, helping to shape the future of Nairnshire as we all want it to be. You can contact us directly at or leave your comment below.

3 thoughts on “Nairn NA06: East of the Retail Park

  1. Get the route of the bypass in place first.
    Yet more housing – no.
    If the site has archealogical interest it would be a good opportunity to highlight that with perhaps an information centre relating to the site and other archaeological/historical sites of interest in the Nairn area which seem to have little coverage.

  2. What is the potential archaeological interest? If this is a serious interest then this should be investigated first. This could potentially link into a heritage trail.
    It appears that it may not be much of an interest if theres a willingness to let houses or retail developments be built on it!
    Again, infrastructure and connectivity is an issue this side of the town.
    Nairn needs more SOCIAL housing, affordable for our youngsters (and single folks) and their growing families,1&2bed properties, but without proper infrastructure this is not a suitable site.
    An extension of the retail park would seem logical, but the same caveat applies, infrastructure first!

  3. Seems a shame to turn this area into houses and units. Why not have some really good bike trails and walks that link from the river and a really great unique fun park with decent facilities and a place for families, actually doing something for Nairn and it villages I love this community the people are amazing, many give up a lot of time for the community and extra facilities for sports, all weather pitches would benefit everyone and kids would have something. Bypass needs to happen otherwise greedy builders will just house the lot and not even bother with facilities people actually want.

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