The local community gets involved

On a chilly winter night, over 75 people turned out to participate in a public meeting arranged by NICE to discuss the plans for the future of Nairn’s town centre. Community Councils and local business associations were represented, along with many prominent local residents. 

The event produced some useful ideas and clear indications of local opinion and preferences.  Continue reading

Not More Flats Please!

Over the past few weeks representatives of all 3 Community Councils, various local bodies and members of the Nairn community have met to try to bring forward alternative ideas for Town Centre Development. We have been greatly heartened by the response and a number of good ideas have been submitted by local people. Central to all those ideas is a more attractive and vibrant town centre that welcomes resident and visitor alike. Flats simply will not deliver what Nairn town centre really needs and if we lose this opportunity we’ll be stuck with it for at least two generations. This is Nairn’s last chance to do something better. Continue reading