AGM – Chairman’s Report

The NICE AGM was attended by around 60 people many having already read the Feasibility Study proposals for the old Social Work Building. A number of searching questions were taken from the floor and at the end of the meeting there was unanimous support for moving forward to the next stage – with warmly supported expressions such as “Long overdue” and “Get on with it!”

NICE Chairman’s Report 2013

This has been an exciting year for NICE as a Scottish Charity and Community Body.

We have been asked to demonstrate our capabilities by delivering one major project. The development of the old social work building was the obvious first choice. After wide consultation we are tonight presenting our excellent feasibility study. We will now move, working in close co-operation with Highland Council to deliver a business plan in acceptable form to their Asset Management Project Board, seeking approval within 3 months. This is a solid amount of work and I would like to thank in particular Mike Barnett for managing the production of this business plan and ensuring the quality of its content. Continue reading