NICE Consultation

We have been working hard behind the scenes and had several useful meetings with officers of Highland Council. Our feasibility study and consultation on the use of the Old Social Work building is underway – and a major part of that involves consultation with the community. Questionnaire’s have already been sent to local business and tourism operator’s.

If you run a local business and would like to contribute, here is a link to the form –

As it is important to involve as many local people as possible there is also a modified survey for wider consultation among NICE members and non-members.

Click this link to take the survey

Community Land Ownership
We have also heard from Iain Bolland, a student completing a degree in Sustainable Environmental Management. As part of his studies he is preparing an honours dissertation based on youth attitudes to community asset ownership in rural areas. These are issues that affect us here. He has prepared a couple of surveys – one aimed at exploring adults’ attitudes to the impact of community ownership on youth migration (Community Land Ownership Adults) and another aimed directly at the views of young adults themselves (Community Land Ownership Youth).

His aim is to examine whether community ownership is seen as making a positive contribution to young adult retention (or in-migration) from a young adult perspective.

If you feel you can help Iain with these surveys it would be greatly appreciated as NICE will be provided with a report on the research

Thank-you for your time.


Since being established NICE has had many suggestions put forward by members of the community. We thought you may like to see this comprehensive list. Inclusion on this list does not mean it is endorsed by NICE. We are simply listing all suggestions for your interest.

Civic Square
Water Feature
Charlie Chaplin Walk
Reptile House
Main approach roads ‘Ambassador Routes’
KFC Outlet
New Library
Art Gallery
Sandown Wetlands (Biffa Grant)
John McGregor Square
Tourist Coach Parking
Wall of Recognition
Sculpture/Statue – Black Isle Bronze
Underground Parking
Free Parking
No loss of current parking provision
Linkage of High Street to Community Centre/ Demolish existing Library
A96 Street Frontage
Landscaping & (Fruit) Trees
BIDs Zone
Some new housing
Promote Nairn and Nairn High Street
Cycle parking or even ‘Nairn bikes’
High quality Street Furniture
Pavements need repaired and some shops signs need to be tidied up
Lap dancing bar
Bring Dr Grigor’s statue back into the heart of the town
Promote Nairn’s ‘Art Deco’ Buildings
Relocate Bus Stops
New Shops/Commercial Units
Market Stalls
Beach Huts
Indoor Play Area
Transition Town Designation
Indoor squash/tennis/Cricket facilities
Tourist Information Centre
Literacy Centre
Child care facility
‘Nairn Rock’ Music Festival
Pedestrian area
More theatre, dance and music events
Tidy the high up buildings on the High St.
Free Wi-fi to the Nairn Town Centre
Butterfly House
Equestrian Centre (to include riding for the disabled)
Boating Pond
House the old printing presses from the Nairnshire Telegraph in a museum
Clean, fresh & well kept toilets
Family restaurant with a proper play area.
Community garden, edible plants, recycle bins
‘green town’ – minimise energy, water and paper use
Open air performance stage
Open shops beyond 5pm
Music shop, sports shop, baby items/clothes shop, banks open on a Saturday
Use the Courthouse to better effect
Double decker bus Cinema
Better Signage especially for tourists
Address Broadband gaps in rural Nairnshire
Under 18s nightclub
Soft Play Centre with Creche
More and Better Playparks
Better facilities for younger children at swimming pool
Rent to Mortgage Housing
Dial a Bus scheme

NICE is always seeking more IDEAS, so if your idea is not on the above list, please let us know.