A Framework for the Future

It is good to see various reactions to some of the proposals being put forward by NICE on a local blog site. The whole point of this exercise is to stimulate discussion and engage with the local population. The main thing NICE was tasked to undertake, by the members, was to convert to a Community Development Trust with Right to Buy. All the activity in recent months has been directed towards this objective and that has now been achieved. We now have a structure that empowers the community with the means to influence their own future. Continue reading

Our NICE Vision

A presentation will be given to each of the 3 Community Councils by Dr Alastair Noble, chair of NICE. The Nairn West presentation took place this evening (19th Sept) and the others will follow next week.

At the heart of the presentation is the Vision to:
• Create a Forum for Engaging and representing the views of Nairn
Residents and a mechanism for delivering these views
• Develop Community Capacity Building and Empowerment
• Create a long term investment strategy for Nairn by realizing the
potential of land and buildings
• Enhance and regenerate Nairn through the Right to Buy and by
securing external funding and realizing the true value of Nairn’s
• This Vision will be delivered through a NICE Business Plan

Download the full PDF presentation here (4Mb)

NICE – A Community Development Trust

At the EGM last night (Tuesday 18th Sept) members unanimously approved the new Articles for NICE. This means that NICE is now officially a Community Development Trust with Right to Buy, approved and supported by the Scottish Government and OSCAR (the charity regulator).

Consultations have taken place with officials and elected representatives of Highland Council and presentations will be made to each of the Community Councils – starting with Nairn West CC tonight (Wednesday 19th Sept. Community Centre at 7.30pm) to be followed by Nairn River CC next Monday (URC, King St at 8.00pm) and Nairn Suburban at Nairn Academy on Tuesday 25th.

The ideas being presented are broad brush strokes about possible ways forward but the whole enterprise will depend on residents contributing their own ideas. Nairn has always had a future but we have often wondered if we had any say in what that future would be. Now the community has a real chance to set – and implement – its own vision.

There will be a public presentation on the 12th Oct at the Community Centre – “A Vision for Nairn”

Meantime you may be interested to look through the new NICE Articles here

The Future is Bright….the Future is NICE!

There have been various rumours of our demise, but the reality is that the Directors have been quietly following up on the decisions made at the last AGM. It has taken much more time than anticipated and we had to make sure that the changes to the NICE Articles were sound and, above all, legal. The Articles for the new Community Development Trust with the Right to Buy will be presented to members for approval at a specially called EGM on the 18th Sept. Continue reading