Consulting Your Community Council

Following our Initial Community Survey undertaken in the summer of 2023, our consultation and community engagement for the Nairnshire Local Place Plan (the ‘LPP’) progresses to our first community group consultation event on 15th January 2024.

We need your thoughts, your ideas, and your feedback to ensure the LPP accurately represents what you want your Nairnshire to be today, and for the future. You can raise your thoughts directly with your local Community Council. We have set out some useful links here, from identifying your Community Council to getting in touch with them.

If your Community Council is in abeyance for any reason, or if you would prefer to contact us directly, you can contact us at, or call in to our Nairn Community Centre office on a Thursday.

Ardersier & Petty*


Cawdor & West Nairnshire


East Nairnshire**


Nairn River




Croy & Culloden Moor


Nairn West & Suburban


*We understand that Ardersier & Petty Community Council is currently in abeyance pending a future AGM and ballot. You can contact the LPP directly.

**We believe that East Nairnshire Community Council is currently in abeyance pending a future AGM and ballot. You can contact the Fornighty Hall Committee who will liaise with the LPP team.

Nairn – what matters to you

Thanks to our more than 450 respondents to the NICE Initial Community Survey, we can see the main focus headers for all of us in Nairn.

We will be working to explore how your Local Place Plan responds to these focus areas, and more widely across underpinning themes which cross all of the main focus headings:

Infrastructure First

Our infrastructure considerations will drive scenarios which will allow us to create a dynamic response to the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan and to the broader Highland Wide Local Development Plan. Working within these scenarios, we can focus on key questions.

What if the A96 by-pass is built? What if it isn’t?

What if our sewerage system is upgraded? What if it isn’t?

These questions can be asked across the by-pass, utilities, sewerage, and flood defences when assessing our capacity for more housing, for business opportunity, for employment growth and so on.

Green/ Resilient Nairn

Ensuring that we consider a future for Nairn that responds to climate change, embraces renewable energy, and drives a low carbon centre.

When we consider a Green/ Resilient Nairn, how does this impact on Employment? What form of employment opportunity can Nairn lead on – future technologies? Clean energy?

Nairn for All Ages

Considering how the Local Place Plan, the IMFLDP, and the HWLDP contribute to a ‘balanced’ age demographic in Nairn, attracting and retaining young families with quality of life and employment opportunities.

In a Nairn for all ages, what does getting around actually mean? Is this cycle paths for our children to safely navigate their way to school? Is this safe pavements, suitable for wheeled access – from prams to mobility buggies? Is it getting to work, without using the car?

Perhaps Nairn for all ages is about creating a sense of place that encourages our young professionals and families to stay in Nairn, to drive local business, and to create a circular economy?

Nairn Led Development

By looking after Nairn’s Common Good Assets, assessing, and developing community ownership to keep existing heritage buildings in public use, whilst working in partnership with local authorities to modernise key public amenities for the 21st century. Nairn led development can foster local governance and decision making, meaning Nairn’s success can be based on the needs and wants of the community.

How can our assets be best used to fulfil our Town Centre development? How does this all work with the Nairn BID team? How can the local business community help make things happen for Nairn? Can these assets be used to grow community engagement?

Whilst our Initial Community Survey is closed, if you have anything you would like to add, to discuss, or to suggest, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us by email at, drop in to our Thursday base at the Nairn Community Centre, or direct your thoughts through you local Community Council or Community Group, who we will be working with on 15th January 2024.