Accentuate the Positive…

(The words of a popular song recorded by Bing Crosby among others)

Following  NICE’s efforts to collect local views about the future development of the town centre, and the various recent local meetings to discuss the plans – what has been achieved so far?  It is perhaps time to take stock. Continue reading

“One Small Step for Highland Council, One Giant Leap for Nairn…” – or is it the other way round?

  • The Ward Forum:  HC’s latest presentation

The principal subject on the regular Ward Forum agenda on 26 January was the future of Nairn Town Centre.  The meeting has been reported in detail in the local “Nairnshire Telegraph”.  Council officials acknowledged, but did not fully accept, the ideas and input that had come forward not only from NICE working groups but also from others in the town.  In his presentation the Council planner, Tim Stott, listed the elements in the NICE proposals which he and others (such as Transport Scotland) found useful, and then identified a number of criticisms of the early versions of the plans prepared by NICE.  He then revealed, for the first time to the Nairn public, the latest version (“Option 3”) of the Council’s proposed plan (See THC3 right).  This has since been printed in the 1 Feb Nairnshire Telegraph.

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