The NICE response to PED Committee’s consideration of Nairn town centre development brief

NICE welcomed the willingness of Council officials to engage in dialogue with the local community and to take on board the ideas that emerged during the consultation period. We recognise the need for the Council to have some interim guidance in place to enable them to discuss the future of the site with the Co-op and others – and we hope that the Co-op will be responsive to local concerns when considering what to do about the properties it owns [such as the Regal and the derelict filling station]. Continue reading

Housing, Working, Shopping, Driving…


Members of NICE met on Thursday 10 March for an update on current activity.

  • The Town Centre – decision imminent on interim development brief

Highland Council officials will be submitting their revised draft Development Brief for the Nairn Town Centre site to the Planning Environment and Development (PED) Committee on Wednesday 16 March.  (For those interested, the PED committee meeting will be recorded and broadcast via webcam on the Highland Council’s website). Continue reading

The Farmers’ Showfield

The future of the Farmers’ Showfield is certainly a matter which has over the years prompted considerable discussion – and strong feelings – around the town.  We are grateful for the comments posted in an earlier thread and feel that this subject requires it’s own post. As you know, whether the town centre or Co-op site, NICE seeks to reflect the various views and ideas put forward by members and local residents. We are therefore pleased to publish the following helpful article. Continue reading

Think-Tank, Talking Shop… Or Practical Planning Group?

The NICE meeting on 25 February discussed tasks and priorities, and debated how the group could most effectively influence the plans for the future of Nairn.

  • Priorities – Town Centre versus  Local Plan

Some people argued that NICE had been formed in order to challenge and influence the Highland Council over the design and development proposals for the Town Centre.  Why worry about the Local Plan? Continue reading